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I write stories and post them on my blog. You can find them in a much more eyeball-friendly format, below.

Skeleton Crew

"Skeleton Crew" is my new novel about life aboard a generation ship. It's my first science fiction piece and filled with action, intrigue, and a little love.

I'm posting the entire text of this novel here as a weekly serial, so come back each Sunday to see what happens next, or get the book on PDF or even dead-tree format!

Fan-submitted work:

I actually have a few fans! How cool is that? Check out what other people have created with my characters/settings:

Kazbo Visits the Steambenders by Menno Willemse

Crossover fanfic of Kazbo into the Redridge Chronicles.

Have your own fanfiction or fanart that you'd like to share? E-mail it to me and I'll post it here!